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Trotlines or Juglines

Is running a trotline easier than jug fishing?

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Catfish Juglines and Flagging Juglines for Jug Fishing


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Trotlines or Juglines

Is running a trotline easier than jug fishing?

Catfish Fishermen Talk About Jug Fishing and Trotlines.

Jug Fishing Catfish Jug



I am debating on which I should make -

My research tells me juglines will be the easiest to make and fish, but I have no experience with either.

Any opinions?

Response by Jackie Kennedy

NO question to it, juglines.
1.jug fishing is safer, and if you think a trotline aint dangerous, you are uninformed.
2.juglines easier to make
3.juglines are easier to put out and take up
4 juglines are easier to move
5.juglines are easier to fish different depths
6.juglines are easier to bait and remove fish from

I've fish for a few years, oh well a long time, and I can outfish a trot line with ten juglines any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

The only time a trotline has any advantage is if its a preset line and you know a lot about the details of the lake and you are really good at running and baiting one. All trotlines in TX, must or, should run North and South because thats the prevelent wind direction, and when running a trotline you have to go with the wind.

I fished trotlines for a long time but I don't plan to ever put another one out. This is just my opinion based on over 40 years, nearly 50 of hands on experience.

Response by East Texas Johney Cash

Well, You know it's hard for me not to put my $.02 in. I'm kind of like Jackie, I've done most all of it, one time or the other in my 50 years +.

To me the hardest thing about running trotlines is, Getting the right bait on your hooks, and keeping them baited. jaclie's right when he says lay them out north and South, if you can. By laying them out East and West, with the wind blowing from the North or South, what happens is,the wind will blow your boat, and stretch your trotline, while your baiting or taking fish off. When you release your trotline, it will sweep side ways across stumps, limbs and everything on the bottom. Then, when you run your trotlines the next time, it's hung on everything. You will straighten out your hooks or brake them off. Or, have it where you can't get it up at all.

If i'm using a trotline I don't like to have more than 20 hooks per line. That will give you 5 places to find the fish. When you find the area their in, then you can move the other 4 lines, so they will be catching fish also. Then,it's a matter of keeping them baited and run regularly. Don't make the mistake of putting a throwline in a lake, with 5 hooks on a 40ft. line. If you get a big fish on, he will most likely get your line hung on something. Not only that, every time you rebait your line, you will be picking it up in one place and putting it out in another. Man, you talk about a mess, you'll have one.

Limb lines are Ok in a lake or river, if you don't have but one hook on. they catch a lot of fish. Don't ever put a trotline across a river, from side to the other. Every log,limb,stick, leave or trash will hang up on your line. The right kind of log comming down the river, will take you out of business. Run your trotlines up and down the river or in some eddie water. They will work for you. that way.

Good luck on what ever you use. Remember to always hold your main line and leader with one hand, and use the other hand to put the bait on with. Never just hold the leader and hook together and not the main line.You could get a hook in your hand

Response by Phillip Parrish

The only time I run a trotline is from the bank in the summer and fall at night.
I have a 250ft/50hook trotline that I run in a V pattern from the bank on a flat. The tip of the V is about chest deep. I wade out to run this line about every hour. This line it baited with grasshoppers and really produces those channel cats. My rods fished with shad produces the hard hitting blue catfish.

Response by Thumper

I gave up trot lines 6 years ago. Juglines are easier and produce more overall. I am older that Jackie (better lookin too) and have 48 yrs doin em'. Juglines only for me!!

Response by B Fish

I've never done either but have seen them both done. And seeing it done sure made it look easy. I'm sure my first few experiences will grant me greater experience than reading up on them, so I just need to go and do it....and I bet it isn't as easy for me as watching someone else do it.

Response by Rick

Well now jug lines are easier to fish in deep water for sure and you will catch more fish on a per hook basis. I use trotlines in shallow water 2-3 feet deep and get out of my small boat pulling it along behind me as I rebait and throw fish into the boat which works out to be pretty easy. I fish juglines a lot and pulling in a 20-30 foot long jugline with a pound and a half weight on the end,baiting three hooks, taking fish off then chunking it back in begins to be work around line 6 to me. Not to mention cruising up slowly and having someone net the jug, throwing the tiller to the left or right to avoid the line after putting the motor in neutral ain't all roses. Easiest is rod and reel using cutbait or punch bait. Jug lines and trotlines become a form of baiting hooks work and if you are hard at it it is work either way

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