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To purchase ready made juglines for jug fishing visit Redneck's Juglines

To purchase catfish bait for jug fishing go to Redneck's Catfish Bait Soap.

Jug Fishing Catfish Jug


When jug fishing you basically have two options. You can either build your own, or purchase some commerically made fishing jugs. There are several commercially made fishing jugs available for jug fishing but most of them do not come in white color, which they must be for Texas.

Building jugs is like anything else with fishing. you learn and make mistakes and improve on them as you progress with your fishing. This page is meant to serve as a reference on some general information on building your own fishing jugs for jug fishing, or as many Texans call them, "juglines".

If you plan on building your own, I strongly suggest coming up with a plan and materials list and then posting a message at the Texas Catfish Message Board, often times someone else has done what your planning and can save you some time, trouble and money.

Most of this information is pertaining to Anchored Juglines for Jug Fishing or Anchored Fishing Jugs, rather than Free Floating Fishing Jugs. Anchored Jug Fishing simply means that you have a 1-2 Lb weight at the bottom of your jug so it is where you left it, or close by, when you go back. Free floating jugs are the more traditional style but are difficult to keep up with and can move all over the river or lake very quickly.

Whichever you choose, Jug Fishing is fun and a great way to catch fish, all the way from small eating sized fish to Trophy Blue Catfish and Flathead Catfish. Just tailor your fishing jugs to the type of fish your wanting to catch and the bait your planning to use.


By Albert

My favorite fishing jug is made from a 2L soda bottle, stripped of it's label, spray-painted with white spray paint and 360 banded with reflective tape on the big end, one cup of dry sand or pea gravel poured in and the cap sealed down with RTV sealant. I write my tagging information directly on the bottle with permanent marker.

I use 200# nylon seine twine for the anchor line with a 3-way swivel above the weight at 5 foot intervals for a total of three swivels. 5/0 to 8/0 circle hooks on 50# mono leaders finish out the assembly. The anchor line is wound on the outside of the bottle and held in place with a strip of electrical tape or a rubber band.

I use anything I happen to have for an anchor, from half a red brick to a chunk of scrap metal. Cheap is the name of the game for me, 'cause often the jugs will "disappear" when boats are around.

When I set out jugs for jug fishing, I sit in my boat watching the jugs so that when one gets a hit, I can run it down before it goes out of sight. I never leave the jugs unattended unless they are attached to a shore fixture such as a tree limb or a rock.

I keep eight jugs in a soda case that used to hold the full soda bottles assembled for shipment. This keeps the jugs from rolling everywhere on the bottom of the boat, and makes for easier storage.

By Phillip Parrish -

What kind of Jugs do you use for Jug Fishing with Juglines? (2 Liter, Bleach Bottle etc)
Sunny Delight Gallon Bottles.

What kind of line do you use (i.e. fishing line or braided nylon and what # test)
#18 Braided Nylon Trotline String.

How much weight should I use, how do you make them or where do you get them?
I use 2lbs, Mine are old bushing out of a concrete trucks suspension. (Scrap Metal)

What are the best hooks to use (type and size)
I like Circle Hooks, 4/0 to 8/0 depending on what I'm targeting.

Do you use free floating lines or anchored lines
All my jugs are anchored, I like them to be where I left them, useless a BIG fish gets them, then it's fun to go look for them.

What is the best way to mark them so you can see them at night?
Reflective Tape.

What do you do to them to tell if they have been "hit" or not (if any)
You can put a cup of sand or pea gravel in them to make them sit different in the water when hit, but sometimes the waves will make it look like you have a hit. I don't do anything to them, I just keep an eye on them and check them every couple of hours. (If a big one gets on, you'll know it.)

By David Moulton

I use laundry detergent bottles for my fishing jugs. Go by any laundry mat and find them. I use the twine from Academy. It works alright for me. I use 4/0 and 5/0 circle and tru turn hooks on my jugs. I went way overboard on my weights. My neighbor talked me into it. It is 3 inch pvc with concrete in it. They are about 10 inches long. I am going to be making some different weights though. The pvc with concrete gets heavy carrying 15 around. I have seen some with a coke bottle. Cut the top off and fill with concrete with some wire hanging out of the top for the tie off. I think circle hooks work best. I very rarely loose fish on the circle hooks with my juglines.

By Shifty

What kind of Jugline do you use for jug fishing? (2 Liter, Bleach Bottle etc)

A. 2 Liter Painted white (by law) with my name and address and date I am to be fishing written on them with a medium sized sharpie.


What kind of line do you use (i.e. fishing line or braided nylon and what # test)

A. 60# Big Game.


How much weight should I use, how do you make them or where do you get them?

A. about a quarter pound.


What are the best hooks to use (type and size)

A. All I have ever used is Trotline Eagle Claw 6/0 but I am going to try the circle hooks RNT mentioned.


Do you use free floating lines or anchored lines

Anchored (personal prefrence)


A. Don't know don't use em at night. When I fish at night it is the summertime....so I am fishing shallow. I run Jugs in about 25 ft. of water so I am normally nowhere where I can keep an eye on em. So I just pole fish. I am a very paranoid fisherman.............meaning that I feel someone not willing to do the work will take what I have worked to catch (ie. Taking fish off my fishing jugs when I am not around).


What do you do to them to tell if they have been "hit" or not

A. I was just taught to drop em and bait em at the same time move to a second location and drop my next batch and bait em. Then I go get more bait and return to the first batch and check em all. Then go to the second batch and check em all. Then go get bait and so on, and so on, and so on...

By Ron Jordan

I use 1-liter pop bottles with about 40 feet of 80# mono for the main line for my fishing Jugs. Weights are probably about 1/2 pound but I never really checked, donut shaped so they fit snug over the bottle cap. That keeps everything from coming unwound and tangled. Eleven of these will fit in one of those plastic milk crates which is why I chose the small size jugs. Put a barrel swivel at the weight and the line won't twist so much when you're winding them up by hand. (use a carpet lined coffee can attached to a cordless drill and they won't twist anyway) I've quickly become a believer in circle hooks, size is a personal thing but bigger is not necessarily better, never more than two hooks per line although the law (OK) allows up to 5. I usually let my weight to the bottom and then put a couple of half-hitches around the neck of the bottle so there's not a lot of slack in the line. They don't move much. I paint my juglines flourescent green (ok in OK) but do most of my fishing in daylight hours anyway. I've put a couple of ounces of shot in some of my bottles to work as a strike indicator but it gives a false alarm in on windy days anyway.

Materials For Building Juglines

Bass Pro Shops Deluxe Trotline
Bass Pro Shops Nylon Trotline
Bass Pro Shops Trotline Clips
Mariner Green Braided Nylon Twine
Twisted Nylon Seine Twine
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Sea Offset Circle Hooks - Model L197
Bass Pro Shops Barrel Swivel


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