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Expert advice, tips, tricks and how to information on fishing for catfish

Tips and Tricks 

Submitted By: Chad Ferguson

Rather than wasting money on expensive chemical night fishing lights and equipment, head to the craft stores and buy a small bottle of glow in the dark paint. You can paint your bobbers, rod tips and anything else you want with this glow in the dark paint and the spray a coat of clear spray paint over the top of the glow in the dark paint.

The paint is very inexpensive and glows really well, just recharge it with your lantern every time you rebait! This is much more cost effective than buying a $5 night fishing bobber that you are likely to lose.

Reflective tape that you buy at hardware stores works well for tagging juglines with and lights up great when you hit it with a q-beam.


Submitted By Ron Jones, Fish Tales Guide Service

Many times when fishing the shallows for channel cats, I will put a foam
ear plug on the hook with the bait on the hook below the ear plug. When
using a fixed sinker, this will allow the bait to float above the
bottom. We all know that a channel cat has a overbite. This setup makes
it easier for the fish to take the bait. You can find the ear plugs in
two packs at most any hardware store. Good Fishing!!

Submitted By: Marc Marchand

Well seasoned catfishermen, their tackle, bait, and equipment are
harborers of a plethora of bacteria. Keep your hands clean, and keep
yourself healthy. A bar of antibacterial soap is in my tackle box at
all times, too. I love Catfish Charlie, but I don't want to taste it on
my sandwich or my fritos."


Submitted By: Jason Hosch

I wanted to add to Marc's tip. I use a heavily scented bar of soap (Dial's antibacterial soap has new scented soaps that are very strong) in my tackle box that gives a nice odor when you open your tackle box and gets rid of the usual bad smells that come from old baits and mildew. Knowing that people have caught catfish with soap, this scent shouldn't offend the fish and most likely will help if anything. Also, in case you run out of bait, you can use it as a last resort!

Submitted By: Jerry Hancock, Lake Lavon Guide Service

When anchored or tied off while bottom fishing if you haven't had a bite in a few minutes. give your reel a turn or two to pull it off the bottom and change the depth a little.

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