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Other Items

"The stuff it doesn't hurt to have"

There are a lot of fishing items that are not 100% necessary to catching catfish. There are a lot of gimmicks out there also. These are some items for you to review when getting ready for a catfishing trip. Be sure and check the product reviews section for information on new products, this is where you can learn more about items.

This list is by no means all inclusive, these are just meant as a guideline.


Catfishing Checklist

Filet Knife- Always keep a good sharp knife in your tackle box. These come in handy not only for cleaning fish but for cutting rope, fishing line and anything else that needs to be cut.

Nail Clippers - These come in handy for keeping out when you are fishing so you can quickly cut fishing line when you have to tie on new hooks or terminal tackle.

Stringer - If you plan on keeping your fish, make sure you have a stringer. I prefer the poly stringers over the metals ones because they are easier to store and work really well. They are very inexpensive and are a necessity for holding a mess of kittys during a day of fishin'.

Electric Filet Knife- This is by no means a necessity but if you get yourself in a situation where you are cleaning 40 or 50 fish, and electric filet knife sure helps speed things up and makes it a lot easier.

Dip Net - A big net is very useful for getting fish out of the water and into a boat, especially the BIG UN's. Dip nets are pretty inexpensive and worth their weight in gold.

Bait Bucket - If fishing with live bait, a bait bucket is essential. Make sure it is one that you can place in the water to help keep your bait alive (this is even more essential in the Summer). Also make sure it has a good closure on it so you don't lose your bait in the water.

Cast Net- You can buy cast nets for catching live Shad that cost anywhere from $15 to $100. I prefer the $15 Wal Mart nets because I tear them up a lot. Don't get caught up in all the gimmicks that they sell to throw these nets. Just learn how to throw one. You should be able to learn how to lob one of these nets out in the water in no time at all. Make sure that the net is at least 4' in diameter and that it is no more than a 3/8" mesh.

Plastic Bucket- I always keep a plastic 5 Gallon bucket around because they just come in handy for a variety of purposes (they make a great seat when you turn them upside down also).

Spotlight- If you are night fishing a spotlight is a great tool. You can pick some supercharged cordless spotlights up at the home improvement stores for $15. These work great for watching the water, as well as lighting up your fishing area.

Bug Spray- It's always a good idea to have some insect repellent around especially when fishing at night. This will keep you from being miserable the next morning.

Sunblock- Some good strong sunblock will also save you from misery the next day when you are fishing on sunny days.

Ice Chest - Take you an empty ice chest along full of ice. When you catch a fish, throw it in the ice chest. This keeps em' fresh and also keeping them cold helps when you go to clean them.

Needle Nose Pliers- An essential tool in removing hooks from a fishes mouth. These also work well if you are fishing with punch bait to help dip your hook in the bait.

Braided Twine- Keep a roll of this around for emergencies. You can repair trotlines, make limb lines and jug lines, as well as use it for a number of other things.


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