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 Catfish Bait for Jug Fishing with Juglines for Catfish - Old Fashioned Lye Soap Catfish Bait with 65 years of proven success catching catfish.



Redneck's Jug Fishing Baits and Jug Lines for Jug Fishing

Make sure you check your local laws in regards to fishing with juglines.

Jug Fishing Catfish Jug


People make jugs out of all kinds of materials and put usually anywhere from one to five hooks on them. The first time I ever used a jugline I built them with five hooks on each jug and quickly learned that five hooks was NOT the way to go. I recommend using two hooks per jug , not only is more than two hooks on a jugline difficult to deal with in the boat, baiting and get in the water, but it is flat out dangerous (I have heard horror stories about people taking a jugline hook in the forearm and having it ripped down their arm by a fish).

Juglines are basically a plastic jug with a line, weight and a hook attatched to them. The jug floats the line in the water and all you have to do is sit back and watch the jugs. It is like having a whole mess of fishing rods in the water.



(Obviously you will need to adjust the quantities to the number of jugs you want to build.)

Empty Plastic 2 Liter Bottle (Coke Bottle)

Roll Of Braided Nylon Twine

Hook Of Choice

Silicone Caulk

White Spray Paint

Permanent Marker


Sand, Gravel or Lead Shot

Reflective Tape

Jugline Weights (half a brick or 20 oz container of concrete with a loop in it)



Plastic 2 liter bottles are traditionally clear or green and Texas Law states juglines must be white in color. I use the 2 liter bottles because they are much more accessible than other bottles (like bleach bottles) and the shape seems to work a little better. DO NOT ATEMPT TO USE PLASTIC MILK JUGS, THEY DO NOT WORK.


1. Paint the plastic 2 liter bottles with the white spray paint.

2. Once the white paint is dry add a few small pieces of reflective tape to the bottom of the jugline (the opposite end from the cap)

3. Once the paint is dry full the 2 liter with about a cup of the sand or gravel.

4. Take the silicone caulk and fill the cap to the 2 liter with silicone. Then screw the lid on the 2 liter. This will help to seal from any water getting in the jug and keep a tight seal on it.

5. Take a long length of your nylon twine (preferable braided) and cut it off (20-25 feet works well). Tie the twine around the neck of the 2 liter and reinforce it several times so it will not come off.

6. Go to the far end of the line and tie on your hooks, tie one hook at 3 feet from the bottom and one hook at six feet from the bottom. Use a barrel swivel and a 12 inch leader for the hooks.

7. Tie your weight to the very bottom of the line.

8. Roll the line around the neck and then the body of the bottle for storage.

9. Write your name and address on the jugline with the permanent marker (Texas Law)

Tips On Building and Fishing Juglines

1. Adding shot or gravel to the jugline helps you indentify which jugs have been hit. When you set your juglines shake them side to side so the gravel or shot disperses in the jig and then lay it in the water. Once hit, the jug will tilt and all the weight will shift to the end with the cap. This way the jug will stand upright and you will know that you need to check your jugline.

2. The reflective tape makes it much easier to find your juglines and detect movement if you hit them with a spotlight at night.

3. You can fish with free floating juglines. To do this eliminate the weight and put the hook at the bottom. It is best to only do this if you are going to stay on the water and watch the juglines. Free floating juglines have a tendency to be pulled off by fish.

4. If you are fishing multiple juglines, always number them, so you can keep track of your juglines and know you need to keep looking if you have one missing.

5. If you have too much line, just roll the line around the neck of the bottle and then secure it with a rubber band.

6. Kahle hooks and circles hooks seem to work best for juglines.

7. If you want cheap weights to weight your juglines, use half a brick or fill a 20 oz coke bottle with concrete and then add a wire loop to it before the concrete sets.

8. Always make sure you have a pair of heavy gloves with you when running juglines. Remember you may be hoisting a 75 lb fish up from the bottom with your hands and a piece of twine. This can get ugly if you are not careful.

9. NEVER EVER wrap a line around your arm when you are pulling fish in. One slip or and engry fish can put you in the water or with hooks in your arm. If you need leverage, use the 2 liter bottle to wrap the line around or use a small piece of pipe.

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Jugline Supplies

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