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Choosing a Rod and Reel

Check out our catfish tackle page for more rod and reel suggestions.

There are tons of options available out there for rod and reels but the best thing you can do is hit the tackle stores and get a feel for which one you prefer.

I only use baitcasting reels. The other option available is spinning reels. Baitcasting reels are in my opinion much easier to use and cause fewer problems.

As far as equipment goes you can get a Hyundai or a Cadillac of fishing rods and reels. If you are just getting started look for a good middle of the road system that will be durable and reliable. I recommend you go to a tackle store where there is someone who knows about the equipment they are selling (you are not likely to get any quality information to make your decision at a super store like Wal Mart).

Talk to the guys that sell the equipment and tell them what you are looking to fish for and what options you want, and how much money you want to spend.

Be sure and look at the product reviews section to learn more about some great equipment options.

Baitcasting Reels


In looking for a baitcasting reel look for a good name brand like Abu Garcia, Browning, Shimano or Quantum. There will be reels available at the stores anywhere from $40 to $300. Any reel in the $40 to $60 range will be good to get you started. Bass Pro Shops makes an excellent line of reels also that are very fairly priced. Check out the CatMaxx reels they have available.

The Bass Pro Shop Catmaxx reel is hands down the best reel on the market in the less than $75 price range. Here is a link to the  Bass Pro Shops CatMaxx? CMX-3 Round Baitcast Reel

Make sure the reel has an adjustable drag on it. Another good option to look for is a bait clicker (which the CatMaxx has). Baitclcikers are an essential part of the reel for a catfisherman.

If you are okay with a reel in the over $75 price range then the 
Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3 Classic Round Baitcast Reels are the way to go. You can get these at Bass Pro or any other major retailer and you can also find some really good deals from time to time on  if you are willing to buy a used one.


Just like the reels there are tons of rods available in all different price ranges.

Make sure you are getting a graphite rod in either a medium light, medium heavy or heavy action. I prefer a medium heavy action. Look on the rod just above the handle and it will be printed with the action of the rod and the line and lure weight capacity. Handle the rods and make sure you are comfortable with the grip/handle and get a feel for the action of the rod to decide if you want a medium light, medium heavy or heavy.

I prefer "casting" rods because they have a longer handle and are easier to handle when fighting a fish. The smaller grips have a tendency to get away from you during a fight with a fish.

Make sure you are getting the correct rod for the reel you are purchasing. There are different rods for baitcasting and spinning reels.

Shakespeare makes a line of rods called "Ugly Stiks" they are good rods for the price.

Bass Pro also has a really nice line of rods branded with the Bass Pro name that run on sale for $19.99 every few weeks. These are called the "Graphite Series".

I steer clear of the huge "Catfish" rods that are on the market. These are big rods that are in my opinion just going overboard unless you are fishing the tailraces of dams from the bank.

Here is the link to the Bass Pro Shops Graphite Series Casting Rods and the  Shakespeare Ugly Stik Casting Rods

You should also check out the Whuppin Stick Fishing Rods these are very similar to the Ugly Stik rods.


Fishing Line

The best line on the market is Spiderwire Catfish Fusion in 30 Lb test. This fusion line is the same diameter as 10 lb mono, but is super strong. I have been using this line well over a year now and have nothing but good things to say about it. It also comes in 80 Lb test if you wish for a heavier line. The 30 Lb has always done well for me.

I wrote this article a number of years ago and my opinions have changed on many of these products. Go to our new catfishing website and look for more recent  information on catfishing gear we suggest.




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